About AGB

The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) is the only national association that serves the interests and needs of academic governing boards, boards of institutionally related foundations, and campus CEOs and other senior-level campus administrators on issues related to higher education governance and leadership.  Its mission is to strengthen, protect, and advocate on behalf of citizen trusteeship that supports and advances higher education.

Our Members

AGB serves nearly 40,000 individuals, including:

  • trustees and regents
  • campus and public college and university foundation presidents, chancellors, and CEOs
  • board professional staff members
  • senior-level administrators (vice presidents for finance, advancement, student services, academic affairs, and enrollment management; institutional research professionals; and chief legal counsels)

AGB has nearly 1,300 member boards that serve 1,900 member institutions--colleges and universities of all types (independent and public, four-year and two-year, and general and specialized) plus public college and university foundation boards.

Our Purpose

AGB advances the practice of citizen trusteeship and helps ensure the quality and success of our nation's colleges and universities. To do so, AGB delivers programs and services that

  • strengthen partnerships between presidents and governing boards
  • define and clarify the responsibilities of governing board members
  • provide guidance to trustees, board leaders, and campus leaders in their governance-related roles
  • encourage a level of professionalism for trusteeship, a voluntary function
  • monitor issues that affect higher education and governance and provide guidance for boards and campus leaders
  • foster cooperation among all education stakeholders

AGB, founded in 1921, is located in Washington, D.C.

Annual Reports and Strategic Plans