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Improving Board Oversight of Student Learning

Effective oversight of student learning outcomes and educational quality from boards ensures institutions fulfill their core mission and addresses demands from states officials, federal agencies, and accrediting groups.

The Improving Board Oversight of Student Learning initiative advocates that the most effective educational programs come from engaged boards working in tandem with campus leaders and faculty members.

Working from 2011 to 2013 with eight diverse partner institutions, AGB developed a set of tools and resources that allows board to monitor the assessment and improvement on student learning and educational quality. The range of resources—including dashboards, metrics, guiding statements for the work of board academic committees, board surveys about educational quality, and other helpful tools—can be used at institutions of all types to improve board engagement.

AGB compiled case reports from the eight participating project institutions about their experiences before, during, and after the project concerning the engagement and oversight of their respective governing boards as it pertained to academic quality.

This two-year project began in 2011 with oversight from project director Ellen Chaffee.

We are grateful to the Teagle Foundation for its generous support of this initiative.