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Improving Board Oversight of Student Learning

Effective oversight of student learning outcomes and educational quality has increasingly become an important issue for governing boards. It ensures the institution's fulfillment of their core mission and addresses increased demands from states and the federal government, as well as accrediting agencies, for transparency and accountability.

In 2011, with funding from the Teagle Foundation, AGB launched a two-year project to develop a set of tools and resources for college and university boards to work more effectively with campus leaders and faculty on monitoring the assessment and improvement of student learning and academic quality. As part of this effort, AGB worked closely with an advisory committee and teams from eight diverse institutions to develop the suite of resources offered on this site. The range of resources and sample case reports provided can be used at institutions of all types to improve board engagement with these issues.

Read more about the project in Trusteeship:

Partner Project Institutions:

Project Directors:

Ellen Chaffee, consultant, AGB

We are grateful to the Teagle Foundation for its generous support of this initiative.