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Center for Public Trusteeship and Governance

The Richard T. Ingram Center for Public Trusteeship and Governance strengthens the relationship between state government and public higher education by enhancing the effectiveness of governing and foundation boards and their trustee members.

Higher education is strengthened when policy makers, higher education, and the foundations that support public campuses work together. Since 2000, the Center has worked with nearly every state to develop shared agendas and improve collaboration among elected and appointed officials, board members, and institution, system, and foundation leaders.

By forging partnerships, conducting policy analysis, undertaking original research, and working directly with AGB members, the Center is committed to advancing higher education governance for the public good. Areas of service include:

  • Consulting services on institution and system governance, structure, and planning
  • Counsel on board selection criteria and structures
  • Mediation between institutional interests and state oversight
  • Research and advocacy on state and federal policy issues
  • Policy briefs and testimony to elected and state officials
  • Meeting facilitation including board orientations and trainings