The National Commission on College and University Board Governance

The National Commission on College and University Board Governance examines how well prepared the governing bodies of higher education institutions and systems are to address the myriad challenges confronting the sector. Philip N. Bredesen, the former governor of Tennessee (2003-11), chairs the commission, and education policy expert Jane Wellman serves as executive director. Other members include highly respected leaders from inside and outside of higher education.

Higher education is undergoing fundamental shifts in academic delivery, student demographics, finances, and overall expectations. The commission will hone in on the issues that define these changes, such as:

  • The business of higher education
  • Board size and structure
  • Institutional finance
  • Shared governance
  • Academic quality
  • Student learning
  • Public expectations for higher education

The commission is expected to publish its recommendations in November 2014, consulting widely with stakeholder groups and experts in governance as it works. 

Press About the Commission

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More Information

We are grateful to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Lumina Foundation, and others for their generous support of this initiative.