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The Leadership Imperative

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The Leadership Imperative is the fruit of a year-long research project conducted by the 17-member AGB Task Force on the State of the Presidency in American Higher Education. The report calls for leadership that links the president, board, and faculty closely together in an environment of support, candor, and accountability. The Task Force contends that a new style of collaborative but decisive leadership—integral leadership—is an essential factor not just in the success of a college or university presidency but also in higher education's success in meeting society's future challenges. Topics include:

  • Anatomy of the presidency
  • Integral leadership defined
  • How a board contributes to integral leadership
  • Presidential search, evaluation and compensation
  • Board accountability
  • Presidential renewal and succession
  • Recommendations to: governing boards, presidents, state policymakers, and AGB

"The president has the opportunity to make the most significant difference possible for the college, but always and only with and through faculty, staff, and students." —Private college president

"It's one of the board's jobs to thoughtfully and systematically connect the president to political leadership."  —Public university system chancellor

"My transition into the presidency worked well because of my board's level of self-awareness. They gave me enough room to make personnel decisions and empowered me to plan strategically—to push the university into looking out a few years and deciding what we're going to do." —Public university president