Board Engagement in College Completion and Attainment

As college completion becomes a national priority, board members must make student success and degree attainment a board priority as well.

The AGB initiative on Board Engagement in College Completion and Attainment advocated for higher education leaders to focus on the oversight and policy issues related to the national challenge of increasing student success.

Made possible by the generous support of Lumina Foundation, the 18-month initiative supported broad efforts across higher education to increase the number of degree and certificate recipients. Initiative components included:

  • A National survey of governing boards to understand their engagement in completion efforts
  • Analysis of these efforts, with a report available to all institutions to guide boardroom discussions
  • An AGB policy statement focused on board policies and practices for oversight of completion and student success

Additionally, AGB leveraged its statewide programs for board members and trustees to collaborate with leaders and discuss the role of boards in completion agendas. In the first 12 months alone, AGB led over a dozen statewide programs for newer board members. Our work in some 200 board rooms annually and other outreach programs enabled us to frame specific practices for governing bodies to address this overarching issue in a more coherent manner.