Presidential & Board Assessment

When presidents and boards work together in a collaborative and complimentary way, there is very little that can’t be done. The Presidential and Board Assessment service combines a Board Performance Assessment and a Comprehensive Presidential Assessment. It is designed for boards and presidents who value joint periodic review of the effectiveness of their working relationships. Through this process, board and presidents work with experienced and objective assessment specialists to review their performance and develop clearly defined roles and forthright expectations. The result is a more informed, better prepared partnership to move the institution forward.

The Presidential and Board Assessment Service is a comprehensive, three- to four-month process that includes several visits to the campus by an AGB consultant. The AGB consultant is drawn from a pool of seasoned and well-prepared former chief executives and trustees who understand the nuances of sound presidential performance and board responsibilities.

Major elements of the Presidential and Board Assessment workshop, include:

  • determining the criteria to be used in assessing board and presidential performance;
  • identifying individuals and groups to be interviewed;
  • creating a timeline for reviewing key documents and interviewing stakeholders;
  • developing the process for communicating outcomes.

The assessment concludes with the preparation of a final summary for the chief executive and board and a workshop to present and discuss recommendations.

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