Statewide Initiatives

Each state faces its own challenges and opportunities. With goals like strengthening governance capacity, clarifying responsibilities, and defining a shared public agenda, customized solutions can take many forms and are always tailored to specific needs. Focused on fiduciary duties and governance best practices, these workshops can address key policy issues facing higher education. They provide opportunities for board members to get to know one another, discuss core responsibilities, strengthen understanding of timely issues, and think about future work. These meetings often include special sessions for board chairs and presidents, recognizing the importance of this partnership for success.

  • New Board Member Orientation 
    Orientation, an essential undertaking, orients board members to their roles and responsibilities, develops expectations for collaborations, establishes rules of engagement, and signals policy frameworks. Under the guidance of experienced facilitators, participants benefit from interactive dialogues, time to connect, and a dedicated space to explore the pressing questions facing institutions and higher education as a whole.
  • Statewide Continuing Education Programs
    Embedding ongoing statewide professional development opportunities for board members of public colleges, universities and state systems is essential to good governance. Continuing education activities prepare board members to surmount challenges and seize opportunities as they advance their system or institution’s goals and promote their state’s public policy agenda for higher education. Online and in-person workshops are available to ensure board members remain productive and efficient.

AGB staff work closely with state higher education agencies and volunteer board leaders to carefully tailor each program to meet specific state and institutional needs. These can include:

  • Special sessions for presidents and board chairs centered around how to develop productive partnerships.
  • Track sessions for new board members and for returning board members, with content on board member roles and responsibilities.
  • Concurrent sessions on strategic finance; monitoring and oversight; governance and institutional autonomy; ethics and trusteeship; education and transparency; or, economic and workforce development.
  • Plenary sessions on the state’s public agenda for higher education; the state’s strategic plan for education; priorities related to access, affordability, and degree completion; or questions they should ask related to accreditation.

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