Strategy & Transformation Consulting

Address change head-on.

Change is a constant in higher education. Many institutions are experiencing similar pain points and challenges in addition to other issues that are unique to them.  AGB Consulting provides the support and assistance you need to plan for, lead, and implement consequential change.

AGB Consulting's Strategy and Transformation program can help you:

  • Strengthen your mission and position the institution for the future
  • Determine which trends align with your mission
  • Develop policies that improve education quality
  • Manage risk and respond to crises

“The Clemson University Foundation used an AGB consultant to facilitate our strategic planning process. The framework, perspective and engagement were pitch perfect for what we needed to develop the best plan for us. The consultant provided the right level of direction to keep our process moving, intervention in our deliberations to move us beyond sticking points, and the distance to ensure the plan was totally ours. This plan became an integral touchstone in driving our governance and management efforts.”

Harrison F. Trammell

President and CEO, Clemson University Foundation

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