Managing Assessments, Workshops, and Leadership Coaching

January 24, 2023 1:00–2:00 PM ET

Board professionals are invited to join this Ask the Expert session to get advice on challenges and share insights for these critical governance areas:

  • Running an effective board and presidential assessment process
  • Facilitating executive coaching and leadership advising
  • Building effective board workshops

Facilitated by AGB staff, the goal of this session is to have an attendee-driven discussion that identifies key success factors: what works or doesn’t work, the pros and cons of different approaches, and advice on how to prevent your programs from getting derailed.

To ensure optimal engagement and interaction, sessions are capped at 20 participants and will not be recorded to support open dialogue and Q&A.

Unlike AGB webinars, Ask the Expert sessions are discussion-driven and participation is encouraged. Sessions are facilitated by AGB consultants and average 45-60 minutes in duration.


Chris Moloney, director, strategy and transformation consulting practice, AGB Consulting
Jimmy Lee, director, AGB Consulting
Natalie Boehm, assistant director, AGB Consulting

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