2021 National Conference on Trusteeship: Why Attend?

April 12-14, 2021 | Virtual Event

The 2021 National Conference on Trusteeship is a virtual event aimed at:

  • Sharing expert insights, facilitating peer learning and reflection, and alerting boards and leaders to impactful developments across our sector;
  • Invigorating participants’ focus on the effectiveness of higher education governance at this critical juncture; and
  • Empowering boards with the knowledge and confidence to be essential difference-makers and ensure the vitality of their institutions in service to students and society.

Benefits of a Virtual National Conference on Trusteeship.

Current Membership

Bring a Larger Team

Given reduced costs and special pricing, you can choose to bring more of your leadership, the full executive committee, or even your entire board. Virtual meeting space can even be reserved for your group via our event platform.

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Connect with Your Peers

Connecting with peers and colleagues will be enhanced and made more intentional on the digital event platform. You should expect to make new connections without the awkwardness of buffet-line introductions.


Engage with Speakers Throughout the conference

Our virtual conference will enable greater interactivity to engage with speakers throughout the event instead of waiting for a brief closing Q&A period.

Blog Posts

View Sessions on Demand After the conference

Can’t attend a session you’re interested in? All sessions will be recorded and available following the event.

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No Travel Expenses

There will be no costs or expensive downtime associated with travel, lodging, or food and beverage.

“The seminars are amazing! Each seminar addresses issues in a very concrete and direct manner. Understanding our fiduciary responsibility is made so clear!”

Dr. Pretta VanDible Stallworth

Trustee, Houston Community College

Celebrating 100 years of service to our members.



AGB is committed to excellence in member service. Should you have questions about registering for the National Conference on Trusteeship, contact the AGB registrar.

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If you currently are not an AGB member but want to take advantage of member pricing, contact Matt Stevens, the Director of Membership Outreach.


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