Complimentary One-Day Governance and Business Strategy Workshop

Workshop: March 20, 2019
Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway, Atlanta, GA

Join us March 20, 2019 at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway in Atlanta, GA  for a free one day workshop with AGB Governance and Business Strategy experts.

During the sessions, participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, develop practical skills and engage in interactive discussions.


Wednesday, March 20

9:30 AM to 12:00 PM | Workshop Session #1: Unlocking the Power of Long-Term Strategic Affiliations, Mergers, and Partnerships

Higher education is not immune to the events that have historically impacted other industries.  Colleges and universities that can’t adapt or innovate within the current industry climate will face significant challenges and risks, including the possibility of closure. As more colleges and universities consider ways to lower costs or create a stronger future, affiliating, merging, acquiring, or partnering with another or multiple institution(s) or corporations may be the best way to ensure long-term prosperity.  This workshop will:

  • Link industry trends to the landscape around partnerships and affiliations.
  • Explore options available to all institutions, while reviewing a continuum of integration from strategic partnerships to mergers.
  • Identify key steps in the process of becoming affiliation ready, including the role of the Board, how to perform a quality of earnings analysis and calculate your institution’s financial prosperity gap, and how to use that data to inform decisions.
  • Provide answers to critical questions such as “Why partner?”, “What is financial exigency?”, “What value is there to outsourcing services?” “How would we partner with another institution rather than close?” “What are decisions needed before entering a partnership?”, and more.

Key Outcomes/Takeaways from this session:

This session is designed to provide insights and identify the benefits and risks of a variety of long-term affiliation options, from partnerships to mergers.  Participants should bring questions and be prepared to discuss specific strategies with the facilitators.

12:45 to 2:45 PM | Workshop Session #2a: Building Board Engagement Through a Diagnostic Governance Review

Strategic. Highly engaged. Fiduciaries. Is this how you would describe your board? Good higher education board governance depends on having the right people, focused on the right things, engaged in the right relationships. If you anticipate a change in board leaders, a presidential search, or reaccreditation visit—or just want to raise the bar on board performance–it’s time for a governance review. Learn how an examination of board bylaws and policies, board committee structure, agendas and meetings, board leadership, the board’s relationship with the president, and board communication with key campus constituencies can reveal pain points and provide insights for enhancing board performance.

This workshop will:

  • Examine the elements of good board governance
  • Identify diagnostic tools for assessing the governing board
  • Provide steps you can take to enhance board performance and engagement

Key Outcomes/Takeaways from this session

Participants will leave this session with a clear understanding of good board governance, how to assess their own board’s performance, and tools for advancing the board towards its goals.

12:45 to 2:45 PM | Workshop Session #2b: Return on Investment (ROI) Thinking to Strengthen Your Business Model

The changing competitive landscape presents challenges for colleges and universities across the country. Institutions are struggling to match revenues with expenditures, while simultaneously trying to cope with lower net revenue per student, rising costs, evolving consumer behaviors, and shifting student demographics. This workshop:

  • Explores the situational assessment of higher education and the key factors you should consider when conducting your own institutional situational assessment.
  • Focuses on strategies to grow or diversify your institution’s revenue and improve operational efficiencies to increase productivity and lower cost.
  • Utilizes case studies that exemplify how to develop and implement growth strategies and new initiatives.
  • Participants will engage in interactive sessions discussing specific strategies and approaches to that will build a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Approaches shared have an opportunity to increase revenue and add a competitive advantage to position your institution for long-term prosperity.

Key Outcomes/Takeaways from this session

Participants will leave this session with deeper understanding of how to strategically grow and diversify their revenues.

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