Complimentary Webinar: AGB OnBoard—Transform Board Meetings from Operational Review to Strategic Work Sessions

March 12, 2019
2:00 – 3:00 PM ET

In this time of great change in higher education more and more institutions are adopting more nimble business strategies and working to be more responsive to stakeholder needs. Any tools that can help facilitate the management of change or foster growth should be considered as essential. Board portals can be such a tool if properly leveraged. This webinar will be an in-depth look at the benefits of board portal solutions for boards, leadership, and other higher education committees and deliberative bodies. Real world “best practice” examples will be covered while also illuminating the difference of next generation solutions.

This in-depth session will:

  • Survey the spectrum and history of board meeting technologies
  • Provide the relevance and benefits of board portal solutions
  • Give the keys to improve board activities before, during and after meetings
  • Illustrate how to effectively conduct a ‘flipped’ board meeting
  • Show how to transform board meetings from operations reviews to strategy sessions
  • Illuminate the difference of next generation solutions


Ken Knueven, senior consultant, AGB


Paul Lockhart, vice president of sales, Passageways

Jon Velasco, AGB OnBoard solution consultant, AGB OnBoard


For full disclosure, in April at AGB’s National Conference on Trusteeship we launched the AGB OnBoard meeting solution in partnership with Passageways, a 15 year leader in secure collaboration software and a provider of the fastest growing major board portal solution in use by over 20,000 board professionals and directors.