The Struggle with Paper Board Books and Document Management Systems

August 20, 2019
2:00–3:00 PM ET

Board management software has revolutionized the way that boards conduct board meetings. It not only has drastically reduced the time that board professionals and other staff members spend creating, assembling, modifying, and presenting board books, but also has reduced the time board members spend on board books from days and weeks to mere hours.

In this webinar, board members and board professionals will participate in an engaging conversation around the following topics:

  1. The hard and soft cost realization that comes from switching to a board portal
  2. The ease of switching from paper or another document management system to AGB OnBoard
  3. The compliance ramifications of keeping paper board books
  4. How switching can transform your board meetings from operational to strategic work sessions

Ken Knueven, Senior Consultant, AGB Consulting
Jon Velsaco, OnBoard Solutions Consultant, AGB OnBoard