How Financing Solutions Through Partnerships Can Transform Higher Education

Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 1:00 PM ET

From the student loan and affordability crisis, and the reduced public funding for infrastructure, to the declining student enrollment trends, the higher education sector is facing some serious financing challenges. Representatives from Corvias will discuss these critical issues affecting universities, and how by partnering with an innovator in the private sector to utilize the availability payment model, colleges can financially prosper. The speaker will explore how universities can find opportunities to monetize existing capital, such as with facilities and food services, enrollment management, which will serve as a key takeaway to the audience on how they can begin to brainstorm new revenue streams for their own universities. Lastly, by examining the Purdue University deal structure, the webinar will explain how traditional financing structures don’t always account for lifecycle costs and the long-term implications of partnerships. By using an availability model with Purdue, Corvias was able to provide the University with construction and operating cost certainty with a guarantee of high quality, well-maintained housing facilities over a 65-year period, while allowing Purdue to retain control of the cost of housing that it charges to its students – a model that can be replicated at Universities across the nation and solve critical financial and housing concerns.

Shawn Kerachsky, strategist, Corvias


This webinar is sponsored by AGB Sustaining Champion, Corvias.