Connecting the Dots: How BPs Can Use Their “Dots” to Add Value

Upcoming Webinar
February 9, 12:00–1:00 PM ET

“Collecting ‘dots.’ We all do it. We read, we listen, we process, and we intuitively file away pieces of information which by themselves may seem incidental. Connecting those dots is the foundation for an effective strategy.” That is the advice of Fred Engelfried, director and chair of North Coast Holdings Inc., in a recent Chief Executive magazine article. How do board professionals (BPs) systematically accumulate disparate pieces of information (collecting the dots) to identify their common thread to form “the big picture” (connecting the dots) for their board and president/CEO?

The AGB Board Professionals Leadership Group (BPLG) invites you to join an interactive conversation with BP panelists as they share their experiences and tips with you to hone your information management ability. Learn and discuss how to bring together information from different places and people to form an entire perspective on a situation or issue, present that perspective to your board and president/CEO for their action, and enhance your value to them as a strategic partner.


Katie Herschede, vice president for strategic initiatives and chief of staff, Widener University, PA
Matt Paskin, executive assistant to the president and board coordinator, University of Alaska Foundation

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