From the Outside In: How Boards and Presidents Can Establish a Data-Informed Strategic Direction

Upcoming Webinar
March 16, 11:00 AM–12:00 PM ET

Boards and presidents are tasked with ensuring that an institution’s vision and framework for the future are aligned to both the mission and the competitive market. Boards cannot delegate their role in setting strategy, but in exercising this responsibility, they must work in close collaboration with the president and senior leadership team to identify appropriate questions, data points, constraints, and comparisons that can help inform the development of concrete strategic initiatives.

Attend this session to dive into the critical questions many boards and presidents are grappling with, including:

  • What role should benchmarking play and how do we ensure we are making “apples to apples” comparisons?
  • How do we ensure alignment of resources to anticipated initiatives to strengthen capacity and plan for the unknown?
  • How do we consistently center the student and the mission in our conversations and initiatives?


David Rowe, PhD, practice area leader for private higher education and foundations, AGB Consulting
Lisa Foss, PhD, senior consultant, AGB Consulting; ambassador to AGB Council on Student Success
Paul Friga, PhD, practice area leader for strategic transformation of public higher education, AGB Consulting

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