Staying Ahead of the Trends: By Supporting a Healthy Board Culture

Upcoming Webinar
December 9, 2021, 12:00 – 1:00 PM ET

When the leadership or composition of a board changes, the culture does too. Join us for a discussion about how board professionals can help to establish a solid foundation for effective engagement to ensure productive and appropriate board discussions, interactions, and to build successful relationships. This webinar will focus on how board professionals can support and foster a healthy board culture—virtually or in-person—and address communication in the best (and worst) of times. The webinar will highlight annual “statements of expectations” and “board member codes of conduct” documents, while addressing how board professionals can help their presidents and board members build consensus when the board is divided over current issues.


Artis Hampshire-Cowan, senior consultant and senior fellow, AGB
Lynnette Heard, senior consultant and membership and council ambassador, AGB
Cristin Toutsi Grigos, associate vice president for content strategy and development, AGB