Strategic Governance in the Consolidation Era: How Smaller Colleges Can Thrive and Prosper

Upcoming Webinar
January 26, 2:00–3:00 PM ET

Overall declining demand for a college degree and 10 consecutive years of decreasing enrollments nationwide are pushing smaller colleges into decisions that may involve consolidation. How should boards and leaders prepare and adapt to the macro forces that are shaping a new era of consolidation?
Attend this webinar to learn how strategic governance and leadership can be strengthened, especially at institutions with a high concentration of revenue in campus-based enrollment. Speakers will discuss:

  • The actions that boards, as fiduciaries, can take to help shape the institution’s future
  • The strategies that support the president in developing a resilient transformational plan
  • The role that economies of scale will play in the future for small and mid-sized institutions
  • The signs that it is too late for boards to start a partnership, merger, or affiliation strategy


Rick Beyer, practice area leader for mergers and affiliations, AGB Consulting

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