The Prosperity Gap: Calculating the Quality of Earnings for Your Institution

Upcoming Webinar
March 2, 2:00–3:00 PM ET

In an environment of volatility, complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity, boards and presidents must understand their institution’s quality of earnings (QoE) in order to identify the most viable long-term strategies. Calculating the prosperity gap—the incremental operating margin needed to achieve long-term transformation and prosperity—enables boards and presidents to effectively identify their competitive position in relation to the higher education marketplace and focus on the paths forward that make the most sense.

Attend this webinar to learn more about how to identify and quantify your institution’s prosperity gap, as well as how your board and institution can use this knowledge for strategic impact.


Rick Beyer, senior fellow, AGB; practice area leader for mergers and affiliations, AGB Consulting
Jeff Blade, vice chair, board of trustees, Butler University; chair for the board of trustees, Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

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