The Winds of Change: The Role of Tech in Tackling Societal Challenges

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October 18, 1:00–2:00 PM ET

For more than a hundred years, university and college campuses have been the epicenter of innovation to help solve society’s most pressing problems and spur economic and job growth. Today, higher education remains at the forefront of addressing these challenges, but technological capabilities have dramatically transformed how institutions approach this critical work. One only needs to reflect on weather and climate change to connect the impact to humanity, the potential for economic development, and the importance of next-generation technologies. Join this session to hear how a leading university expert sees the intersection of climate change and technology at work today and education industry experts discuss how tech is transforming college and university labs, curriculum, and the campus experience.


Dr. Ben Kirtman, professor of atmospheric sciences, University of Miami and Director of Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies
Dr. Joshua Coco, client solutions executive, Education, AT&T
Jennifer O’Robinson, principal architect, AT&T

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