Melody Rose, Senior Consultant, AGB Consulting


Dr. Melody Rose is a respected, effective leader with a creative approach to complex challenges. A traditionally-trained academic and decorated scholar, Dr. Rose’s career is marked by a transformational approach to higher education and a talent for leading change. Throughout her career, she has embraced diverse opportunities for designing and building spires of excellence by using strong communications, business acumen, and a collaborative management style. While most recently at a small, private institution, Dr. Rose spent 20 years with public institutions ranging from 5,000 – 30,000 students. Across sectors, she maintains a personal passion for keeping student success at the forefront of data-based academic and business decisions, underpinned by a passion for external relations and development. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed externally-facing roles within mission-driven institutions with a heart for partnerships and quality. Dr. Rose has served as a university president, interim provost, chancellor, vice chancellor, vice provost, and dean during her administrative career in higher ed.