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An Anatomy of Good Board Governance in Higher Education

This signature AGB publication presents a governance standard specifically developed to help college, university, and system boards to understand and apply the principles of good board governance and to assess and improve their own governance practice.

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  • Top Public Policy Issues for Higher Education: 2019-2020

    $42.00 (Member Price $29)
  • Best-Practice Guidelines for the Continuing Engagement of Former Board Members

    $20.00 (Member Price $12)
  • The Governance Committee (Public Institutions)

    $34.00 (Member Price $24)
  • Higher Education Governing Boards: An Introductory Guide for Members of College, University, and System Boards

    $41.00 (Member Price $29)
  • Institutionally Related Foundation Boards: An Introductory Guide for Board Members

    $41.00 (Member Price $29)
  • Risk Management: An Accountability Guide for University and College Boards

    $69.00 (Member Price $49)
  • An Anatomy of Good Board Governance in Higher Education

    $41.00 (Member Price $29)
  • New President Bundle

    $110.00 (Member Price $78)
  • Presidential Compensation: A Comprehensive Guide for Higher Education Governing Boards and Chief Executives

    $69.00 (Member Price $49)
  • Restructuring Committees

    $34.00 (Member Price $24)
  • A Complete Guide to Presidential Search for Universities and Colleges (2nd Edition)

    $69.00 (Member Price $49)
  • Assessing Board Performance: A Practical Guide for College, University, System, and Foundation Boards

    $59.00 (Member Price $41)