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Expand your network of board professionals.

BP Community is an online network where you can connect with your peers, ask questions, and share best practices. Formerly known as Ning, BP Community is an exclusive AGB member benefit developed and moderated by board professionals. Share your experiences, discuss challenges, and build relationships that will help you support your board.

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Explore the new features of BP Community.

Member Exclusive and Easy Access
The online board professionals community can now be easily accessed from any page of the AGB.org website under the Membership tab.

Mergers and Affiliations Strategy and Transformation

Already Answered Questions (AAQs)
Get an immediate answer to your question by clicking on the Already Answered Questions (AAQs) tab. Before posting your question, check to see if it has already been answered.

We have added a Template tab, which will list various downloadable templates provided by board professionals and from AGB resources.

Programming calendar schedule

Upcoming Events
The Events tab will be updated with upcoming events of interest to board professionals.

AGB Resources Tab
Current AGB resources will be posted to assist the board professional in their role as a strategic partner in board governance, institutional vitality, and student success.

Learn about AGB Consulting services

Have you ever wished you could continue or start a conversation on a topic from the Board Professionals Conference, a webinar, or an AGB publication? We will provide the opportunity for such discussion.

Monthly Resource Spotlight
Do you have specific questions regarding an AGB resource, how to use resources to strengthen and equip your board, or how to choose from the many resources to support a discussion during your board meeting? Once a month, an AGB staff member will highlight a new or upcoming AGB resource that they have worked on and answer any questions you have.


Explore videos from the 2021 Virtual Board Professionals Conference, webinars developed for board professionals, and more.