Board Performance Survey

Understand and improve board performance.

Impactful boards intentionally strive to strengthen relationships, build trust, and improve individual and organizational effectiveness. A regular survey of board members can provide actionable insights into how well the board is aligned with the institution’s mission and vision, where the board excels, and where it needs improvement.

The AGB Board Performance Survey provides a standard question set that you can distribute to your board and collect on your own. Your AGB membership provides use of the survey once annually through AGB’s Qualtrics account for distributing the survey and accessing your survey report.

AGB recommends using the Board Performance Survey annually for a basic understanding of board alignment around your strategic governance challenges and opportunities. The results can:

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Board Performance Survey FAQs

“The Board Performance Survey that was included with our AGB membership provided an important opportunity for reflection by our board’s leaders. Early insights included areas ripe for board education and awareness-building, as well as opportunities for deeper exploration and discussion. The survey results will serve as an important touchpoint for constructive dialogue within our board for some time to come.”

Janet Lindholm Lebovitz, chair; John Talanian, governance committee chair

Wheaton College Board of Trustees