Ask the Expert

Ask questions, get answers.

Join AGB experts online for an “ask-me-anything” session regarding COVID-19 impacts, decision-making, and risks.  Select a time and relevant topic of your choosing.  You’ll be connected to our Zoom page for details on registration and the facilitator of the open discussion. 

To ensure optimal engagement and interaction, sessions are capped at 20 participants and will not be recorded to support open dialogue and Q&A.

Unlike AGB webinars, Ask the Expert sessions are discussion-driven and participation is encouraged.  Sessions are facilitated by AGB consultants and average 45-60 minutes in duration. All times below are Eastern Time (ET):

Join one or more Ask the Expert sessions.

Marketing & Enrollment Infrastructure for Growth (November 12 at 11am)

Join AGB consultant Joe Sallustio for a special “ask-me-anything” discussion-driven open forum on adapting your infrastructure to increase enrollment and how to bring those changes to future students.  This is critical to small and mid-size institutions trying to adjust and overcome the challenges right now.

Thursday, November 12 at 11-12 ET

Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice for Board and Campus Leaders (November 16 at 2pm)

Join AGB Senior Consultant Carlton Brown for a special “ask-me-anything” open forum on how institutions play an important role in advancing diversity and antiracism platforms, equity, equality, justice and inclusion programs and strategies.

Monday, November 16 from 2-3pm ET

Creating an Online Presence – Whom to Involve and How (November 17 at 12pm)

Creating an Online Presence: Whom to Involve and How – This discussion session for Trustees, Presidents and others is oriented around issues of online educational marketing and delivery, virtual technologies, and the implementation and on-going management of a strong virtual presence.

Tuesday, November 17 from 12-1pm ET

Shared Governance and Effective Communication (November 18 at 11am)

AGB Senior Fellow David Maxwell helps you examine shared governance practices to respond to complex challenges. In today’s environment many decisions must be made in a matter of weeks or months. Strategic governing boards should uphold the principles of shared governance, relying on the expertise of faculty in careful collaboration with presidents and others when making these decisions.

Wednesday, November 18 from 11-12 ET

Higher Education in the Age of COVID: How are we really doing? (November 19 at 3pm)

This session, hosted by AGB senior consultant Kemal Atkins, provides an opportunity to discuss the true cost that COVID has had, and is having, on institutions and individuals (fiscal, emotional, mental, etc.) and the way these impacts factor into the approach they take to create the preferred future for their institutions.

Thursday, November 19 from 3-4pm ET

The Built to Last Foundation: Financial Modeling & Revenue Generation (November 23 at 12pm)

Join AGB senior consultants George Watt and John Carter for this session, specifically for institutionally related foundations.  Here you will discuss the importance of financial planning and using fresh, innovative thinking about your business model. This is critical to helping foundations adjust and overcome the challenges right now.

Monday, November 23 from 12-1pm ET

The Built to Last Foundation: The Partnership with the Institution (December 8 at 2pm)

Join AGB senior consultant Carol Cartwright for an open discussion on the importance of fostering a successful relationship between the institution and the foundation. We’ll discuss the challenges, issues, and opportunities specific to optimize for long-term success.

Tuesday, December 8 from 2-3pm ET

Presidential Leadership, Development and Assessment (December 10 at 1pm)

Join AGB Senior Consultant Terry MacTaggart for a special “ask-me-anything” discussion on presidential leadership and how to optimize and/or assess growth and development for the benefit of your institution. This is particularly relevant during this critical time. This session is both for presidents and leaders who want to learn more about development/coaching and board chairs who wish to pursue this for their presidents.

Thursday, December 10 from 1-2pm ET