Ask the Expert

Ask questions, get answers.

Join AGB experts online for an “ask-me-anything” session regarding COVID-19 impacts, decision-making, and risks.  Select a time and relevant topic of your choosing.  You’ll be connected to our Zoom page for details on registration and the facilitator of the open discussion. 

To ensure optimal engagement and interaction, sessions are capped at 20 participants and will not be recorded to support open dialogue and Q&A.

Unlike AGB webinars, Ask the Expert sessions are discussion-driven and participation is encouraged.  Sessions are facilitated by AGB consultants and average 45-60 minutes in duration. All times below are Eastern Time (ET):

Join one or more Ask the Expert sessions.

Strategic Innovation and Alumni Empowerment (February 25 at 11 AM ET)

AGB Senior Consultant David Rowe hosts an open discussion as institutions confront serious challenges to their business model and financial sustainability. Learn how to create a culture of innovation that continuously improves the student value proposition and your bottom line. Who should attend: Trustees, Presidents and Senior Administrators, especially Chief Advancement Officers.

Thursday, February 25 from 11 AM – 12 PM ET

Successful Support for Senior Leaders: Asking the right questions in decision-making (March 1 at 1 PM ET)

Today leaders, whether on campus or on boards, are faced with a need to be adaptable and agile.  With myriad decisions always before these leaders, having an embedded resource to provide perspective and key considerations surfaces blind-spots, pitfalls, and furthers creative and next level thinking to most effectively and efficiently respond to immediate and long-term needs.  Join AGB Senior Consultant Julie Staggs to discuss leader support system components and key questions that support best decision-making in a highly efficient manner.

Monday, March 1 from 1-2 PM ET

Ensuring Foundation Board Effectiveness during a Time of Upheaval in Higher Education (March 9 at 1 PM ET)

With the pandemic and other pressures confronting public higher education, the work of Institution-related Foundations has become even more essential. This session, led by AGB’s former CEO, Richard Legon, will provide an opportunity to ensure that your foundation board is appropriately structured and well-engaged to meet current challenges as well as those crises yet to come. These sessions are structured to be informal virtual opportunities for participants to ask questions and to share their own experiences with all attendees.

Tuesday, March 9 from 1-2 PM ET

Forging Partnerships with Private Enterprise and Local Governments (March 16 at 1 PM ET)

This session explores partnering with local businesses and municipal governments to create meaningful opportunities for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees. Join AGB Senior Consultant Richard Joseph who will highlight how a college or university can extend its reach into the community to increase enrollments, generate revenues, provide support for local businesses, and promote community development.

Tuesday, March 16 from 1-2 PM ET

The Urgency of Public Higher Education Transformation (March 23 at 1 PM ET)

Higher Education has lost billions due to COVID-19. Join Dr. Paul Friga, expert in higher education strategy and leader of AGB Consulting’s practice area: Strategic Transformation of Public Higher Education, for this interactive discussion and dialogue. Potential topics that attendees can explore with Paul include: Exactly how much has higher education lost due to COVID? What are institutions doing to deal with budget deficits? What should public institution be doing to position themselves for long-term success? How much has the government done to help and is more on the way?

Tuesday, March 23 from 1-2 PM ET

Leadership Transitions: Planning and Implications for Boards, Presidents and Senior Teams (April 20 at 1 PM ET)

Trying to navigate leadership transitions of board members, presidents and key members of the senior team while maintaining institutional momentum, respecting areas of responsibility and shared governance, and making effective decisions can be a challenge.  If you’re a president, board leader or senior staff surely you face these transition tensions on a recurring basis.  Join AGB Senior Consultant Mark Heckler for an open discussion with you on this topic to share some best practices and how to help the board and campus leadership manage successful transitions.

Tuesday, April 20 from 1-2 PM ET