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Amid rapid sector-wide disruption, the foundation of effective governance is critical to successfully navigating challenges, adapting to change, and seizing opportunity. As the leading authority on higher education governance for over 100 years, AGB Consulting draws on research and leading practices to tailor support for the unique needs and challenges of institutions and their related foundations, helping strengthen their boards and position them to successfully meet the moment.

Expert, empathetic support.
Our consultants are experts in governance with deep experience in higher education. They understand the nuances, dynamics, and challenges you are facing.

A proven process.
Our consultants know how to diagnose where boards need support or development to advance the mission and priorities of the institution or foundation.

A focus on outcomes.
As a member-driven nonprofit association, our sole motivation is strengthening board governance to ensure the vitality of your institution or foundation.

Start the journey with a complimentary conversation.

Our staff and consultants work to understand your situational context, goals, and challenges, as well as other important factors to help you identify and prioritize areas of governance development and improvement. Typically, a brief initial conversation sets the stage for our staff to identify an appropriate lead consultant and next steps that may include a detailed proposal on the scope of work

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