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Our Guiding Principles

AGB Consulting assists boards and institutional leaders in their efforts to have the right people, focused on the right priorities, with the right relationships and business strategies. To this end, we help them:

Focus on issues of greatest consequence

By concentrating on what matters most, engaged boards and leaders can ensure long-term financial viability and institutional sustainability while anticipating change.

Assess and improve

High-performing institutions and boards continually ask strategic questions related to institutional goals, performance, revenue growth and diversification, and other key areas

Understand their role

Board members must grasp the principles of shared governance, the difference between governing and managing, and the importance of transparency and accountability in working with senior institutional leaders.

Navigating Changes, Challenges, and Crises

AGB Consulting leverages knowledge of current and emerging trends in higher education to advise boards on critical decisions, develop innovative financial strategies, improve institutional and system governance, and build stronger business models.

Our team comprises senior-level higher education veterans, board members, and subject matter experts backed by AGB staff and resources.

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Our Process

AGB Consulting works with you to develop a customized, collaborative, multi-phase approach to achieve your institution’s objectives. Our steps include:


your board and institution through diagnostic and exploration phases. We identify goals, needs, timeline, and scope of work while reviewing reports and key data.


a customized strategy that can advance board governance or the institutional business model, along with comprehensive reports and a clear, actionable plan.


initiatives to ensure accountability in governance and operational execution, then measuring results and satisfaction among board members.

Areas of Service

Advisory Councils

  • Learn to structure and manage advisory councils—and maximize their institutional benefits.

Affiliations, Partnerships, and Mergers

  • Create and implement proactive buy or sell strategies based on your institution’s needs.

Board Assessment

  • Strengthen relationships, build trust, and enhance individual and organizational effectiveness.

Board Development

  • Solve problems and achieve a higher level of performance by focusing on fundamental governance issues.

Comprehensive Presidential Assessment

  • Examine the relationship among presidential goals and performance, stakeholder engagement, and overall institutional success.

Cost Containment and Realignment

  • Shift from reactive to proactive with strategic cost reductions coupled with revenue growth initiatives.

Diagnostic Governance Review

  • Confirm what’s working while pinpointing practices, policies, and relationships that need improvement.

Educational Quality and Student Success

  • Explore effective policies and practices that enhance student learning outcomes.

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Clarify key stakeholders’ roles in risk management and incorporate risk into strategic discussions.

Foundation Board Education and Consulting Services

  • Assess and strengthen governance, stewardship, investment management, and accountability.

Leadership Advisory Services and Coaching

  • Boost the effectiveness of presidents, board chairs, and other key administrators with one-on-one consulting.

New Delivery Models and Technology

  • Evaluate existing systems, identify creative solutions, and enact new initiatives to bolster competitive positioning.

Policy Analysis, Research, and Advocacy

  • Diagnose and act on governance and policy challenges with education agencies and political leaders.

Policy and Leadership Dialogues

  • Engage in conversations aimed at developing step-by-step action plans for state-specific policy issues.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

  • Unlock the value of campus properties, generate revenue, and create attractive facilities via P3 transactions.

Revenue Growth and Diversification

  • Align your institutional mission and strengths with new financial models to increase prosperity.

Shared Governance

  • Keep everyone on the same page for strong institutional planning, academic rigor, innovation, and collaboration.

Statewide Initiatives

  • Discover customized state-based solutions focused on fiduciary duties and governance best practices.

Transformative Fundraising

  • Reach the top 2% of donors capable of making institutional- and life-changing donations.

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