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Navigating Changes, Challenges, and Crises

AGB Consulting leverages unparalleled knowledge of current and emerging trends in higher education to:

  • Advise on critical decisions that foster partnerships, growth, and successful implementation
  • Respond to urgent governance crises and a variety of immediate challenges
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Devise innovative financial strategies and development projects
  • Improve institutional and system governance and institution/foundation relations
  • Build stronger boards, leaders, and business models

Our team comprises senior-level higher education veterans, board members, and subject matter experts backed by AGB staff and resources.

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Areas of Service


Adopt best practices and deepen your understanding of essentials such as board member roles and responsibilities, effective meetings, shared governance, and crisis management. We can facilitate retreats and review bylaws, key policies, and communication practices, among other tactics.

Revenue Growth and Diversification

Create a viable plan for developing and diversifying revenue streams that align your mission, market, and margins, leading to ongoing financial success.

Affiliations, Partnerships, & Mergers

Learn about the pros and cons involved with different strategic opportunities and let our multi-phase process guide you to a stronger future state.

Board & Presidential Assessment & Development

Get an objective performance assessment of your board, chief executive, or cabinet, along with development strategies to build leadership capacity and buy-in at every level.

State Higher Education Policy & Governance

Rely on our expert help to address crises, restructuring needs, board member education and orientation, and other important matters at the state level.

Strategy & Transformation

Plan for and successfully lead consequential change, including cost management initiatives, new program development, and refinements to your business model and strategic plan.

Our Guiding Principles

AGB Consulting assists boards and institutional leaders in their efforts to have the right people, focused on the right priorities, with the right relationships and business strategies. To this end, we help them:

Focus on issues of greatest consequence

By concentrating on what matters most, engaged boards and leaders can ensure long-term financial viability and institutional sustainability while anticipating change.

Assess and improve

High-performing institutions and boards continually ask strategic questions related to institutional goals, performance, revenue growth and diversification, and other key areas

Understand their role

Board members must grasp the principles of shared governance, the difference between governing and managing, and the importance of transparency and accountability in working with senior institutional leaders.

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