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Trusteeship May/June 2021 Cover
May/June 2021


  • What Kind of Board Member Are You?
  • Developing a Personal Trustee Development Plan
  • Strategic Board Leadership for the Post-Pandemic Institution: Mission-Focused, Market(s)-Driven, and Data-Informed
  • In Tough Times, Schools Look to Lawyer Trustees to Lead  
  • Crossing the Line: The Challenges of Addressing University Faculty Free Speech   
Higher Education Public Policy

Top Public Policy Issues for Higher Education 2021–2022

This biennial publication is designed to help higher education governing boards understand the most pressing federal and state public policy issues affecting higher education. Top Public Policy Issues for Higher Education 2021–2022 captures policy expert’s best thinking on these issues and provides board members and campus leaders with invaluable guidance on public policy decisions most likely to affect higher education over the next two years.

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