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Sharing Governance

Bryant Cureton is the president emeritus of Elmhurst College and a senior consultant with AGB Consulting.At a recent board retreat focused on shared governance, a room full of trustees and faculty...

Finding a Fit with Presidents and Cabinets

This question is taken from AGB Search's monthly newsletter, "Securing Leadership," which features two questions—one frequently asked by search committee members and another often...

Is Your Junior Class as Big as Your Freshmen Class?

Jim Hundrieser is the associate managing principal of AGB Institutional Strategies, which focuses on new business models in higher education.Many four-year colleges and universities are rethinking...

5 Steps for an Effective Board Chair [Excerpt]

Author Jeffrey Trammell looks at the responsibilities of both public and independent board chairs in Effective Board Chairs: A Guide for University and College Chairs. A short portion of his book is...

For Comment: AGB Draft Statement on Campus Social Justice, Inclusion, Civility, and Leadership

In a higher education environment that today is all about the need for “change,” institutional policy must attend to one of the most high-profile challenges confronting the sector:...


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