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Best Practices in Risk Management for Boards

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) combines traditional risk management, strategic planning and internal controls.  The goal of ERM is to move away from viewing risk in a silo, separate and...

The Role of a Foundation within a System

In August, AGB’s board endorsed a Statement on Institution Foundation Partnerships (which is also the subject of an upcoming webinar). The work was driven by a recognition that public...

Board Integrity and Advocacy

Kevin Reilly is an AGB senior fellow and senior consultant with AGB Consulting.A recently released AGB report on board governance in public higher education systems features recommendations on board...

The Capacity of IT to Transform Teaching and Learning

John Dunning is the chief information officer at Wayne State College, and John O'Brien is the president and CEO of EDUCAUSE. They will be speaking at the 2017 National Conference on Trusteeship,...

Trends Shaping Higher Education

The challenges facing higher education institutions are real, and the competitive environment will continue to evolve. Many schools are looking for new business models to increase prosperity in a...


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