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Never Underestimate!

Raising funds for building projects can be challenging. Consider these two scenarios:You may develop the plans for a new building, get pricing, and begin to raise funds during a five-year campaign....

How Does Shared Governance Operate? [Infographic]

Shared governance is increasingly central to institutions as they address today's calls for change. Yet shared governance can fall short of its potential when it is misunderstood or under-...

Making Committees More Strategic

Most boards are structured to accomplish their work in committees. Some of us have lots of committees—as many as 10 on average for boards of research universities—and some of us have just...

Engagement Champions: 5 Questions for Boards

David Weerts discusses "Engagement Champions" in his recent Trusteeship article, excerpted below. Find the full article here, as well as other articles from the July/August issue here.In...

A Top Strategic Issue for Boards: The Business Model

Top Strategic Issues for Boards 2016-2017 frames some of the most pressing challenges for colleges and universities. Excerpted and adapted below is a part of the discussion on the business model of...


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