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Partnerships for Better Strategic Planning

There is a myth that the board should be conducting the strategic planning process entirely by itself. Like most myths, there is a grain of truth: boards should provide guidance and support to the...

You’ve Just Been Elected Board Chair, Now What?

Trudi Blair is the former board chair of Wilson College and a senior consultant with AGB Consulting.You’re the new chair of your board: congratulations!  Below are tips to quickly get up...

Advantages and Disadvantages of REFFs

How best to configure various real estate activities at an institution? A portion of Growing the Greater Campus: The Use of Institutionally Related Foundations in Real Estate Activities that focuses...

The Board Chair and the President: An Essential Partnership

Charles Middleton is the chair of the board of trustees of City Colleges of Chicago, president emeritus of Roosevelt University, and a senior consultant with AGB Consulting.Thoughtful people have...

What to Expect from Generation Z?

The first students from "Generation Z" are arriving on campuses this year, and their college goals and expectations are different from those of their millennial counterparts.This generation...


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