Guide Strategy Development

Transform your institution or foundation through bold strategies.

An effective strategy ensures priorities and resources are aligned with the mission, vision, and values of the institution and enables boards to navigate the complexities and challenges of the higher education landscape. By actively engaging in strategy development, higher education boards can effectively steer their institutions toward sustainable growth and success in an increasingly competitive environment.

How AGB helps guide strategy development:

  • Strategic Health AssessmentsCreate board alignment around a framework and key metrics to inform decisions about resource allocation and strategic priorities.  
  • Strategic PlanningSupport board leadership in developing a clear and actionable strategic plan or framework that aligns with institution or foundation vision, mission, and priorities. 
  • Institutional Health Metrics and Dashboard DevelopmentEmpower the board for strategic decision-making with financial performance dashboards that provide data insights and trends in key performance indicators. 
  • Merger, Affiliation, and Partnership StrategyDevelop a proactive, board-supported strategy that enables objective decision-making about opportunities to increase financial position, strengthen competitiveness, and preserve mission. 
  • Student Experience and Success StrategyRaise awareness, facilitate board discussion, and plan strategies to improve educational quality, campus experience, degree offerings, and student support systems. 

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