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Use AGB resources to understand higher education federal policy issues and state governance selection, process, requirements and leading practices.

AGB Policy Priorities 2021

AGB Public Policy Priorities→

AGB seeks to ensure that the views of its members related to board governance and institutional leadership are at the forefront of policy discussions in 2021. The public policy team has determined the federal and state priorities for the association and its members this year.

Top Public Policy Issues for Higher Education 2021-2022

Top Public Policy Issues→

Designed to help governing boards, institutional leaders, and senior staff understand the current policy landscape, this publication summarizes and contextualizes the most pressing federal and state public policy issues affecting higher education.

State Policy Brief October 2018

State Policy Briefs→

AGB periodically publishes informal papers on timely topics that reflect best policies and practices in state government’s relationship with public and independent colleges and universities.

State Profiles

State Profiles→

AGB has compiled data from across the 50 states to help provide a snapshot of public higher education governance in America.