Structure for Board Excellence

Transform your institution or foundation through consequential board governance.

Higher education boards shape the strategic direction and policies of their educational institutions and related foundations. Board members’ competency, knowledge, and expertise are crucial for making sound decisions that drive success. Board development ensures that members are well-equipped with the necessary skills, understanding, and perspectives to execute their governance responsibilities effectively. By investing in board development, higher education boards can enhance their ability to guide and support the institution in achieving its mission and goals. This foundation of board excellence supports long-term success and benefit to stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and the broader community.

How AGB helps structure for board excellence:

  • Comprehensive Board AssessmentsMeasure board performance thoroughly, fairly, and constructively against leading governance practices while uncovering underlying issues and navigating complex group dynamics. 
  • Bylaws, Policies, and Committee Structure ReviewsEvaluate documents, policies, and committee structures for relevance and effectiveness, based on best practices. 
  • Comprehensive Governance ReviewsEnsure the board is effectively guiding the institution/foundation and is prepared to face current and future challenges and opportunities.  
  • Shared Governance ReviewsAssess how the principles of shared governance are being observed and develop strategies to align priorities and responsibilities of faculty, administrators, and board members. 
  • Board Workshops and RetreatsCreate board alignment with facilitated educational sessions on board roles and responsibilities, shared governance, board culture and dynamics, leadership transitions, emerging issues, and more. 
  • Tailored Board Development OpportunitiesEmpower a reflective and engaged board with a customized development plan that may include new member orientation, continuing education programs, consistent board assessment, and board composition and succession planning. 

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