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Leading Change: How Boards and Presidents Build Exceptional Academic Institutions

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In a time of transformation in higher education, Leading Change: How Boards and Presidents Build Exceptional Institutions fills a significant void in leadership literature and focuses on the changing level of board engagement. This book examines 18 institutions, across the spectrum of higher education, at which the board played a significant collaborative role with the president, the leadership team and the faculty to lead change.
Whether facing major challenges or striving to re-envision their institution, change-adept boards share two common traits: an energetic engagement with the college or university and a productive partnership with the president. Written by Terrence MacTaggart, Leading Change identifies the attributes and practices that create change-adept leadership, providing practical tools and sound advice for presidents, board members, institutional leaders and others committed to improving higher education.

Part tour guide, part provocateur, MacTaggart leads us on a journey through different types of transformational changes that took place at very different institutions. Through the journey, we learn what role boards play in this kind of change, how board members effectively partner with presidents at these change-adept institutions, and why some boards, including presidents and chancellors, are able to navigate successfully through change when others aren’t.

Among the essential topics covered in Leading Change are:

  • How board members and presidents at change-adept institutions engage in effective partnerships
  • Why some boards, presidents, and chancellors navigate change successfully when others do not
  • Building the change-adept board
  • The board’s role in pursuing high aspirations
  • How good institutions can become even better through strategic change
  • Lessons learned about change: Collaboration, strategy and metrics, and good governance are all essential to effective leadership

Discussion questions, checklists, and assessments and other tools illustrate the concepts and practices identified across these institutions.



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