Council of Finance Committee Chairs

An advisory group of finance committee chairs, chairs-elect, and vice chairs from a diverse array of AGB members spanning large/small, public/private, foundations, and systems

Council Ambassador

Stephen T. Golding
AGB Senior Consultant
Chair, Washington College Board of Trustees
Chief Financial Officer, Ohio University, Cornell University, University of Colorado System, and University of Pennsylvania


David Barker
State of Iowa Board of Regents

Marty Becker
West Virgnia University

Sandra Begay
University of New Mexico

Amy Carvalho
University of Nevada System

Clyde T. Clark, Jr
Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

G. Wayne Elliott
Eastern Nazarene College

Sandra Hanington
University of Toronto

Tom Heywood
WVU Medicine

Gina Luna
Texas A&M Foundation

Diane Medley
University of Louisville

Mary Meduski 
Cornell University

Robby Russell
University of North Carolina, Asheville

Harold Smethills
Pepperdine University

Marsha Suggs Smith
Montgomery College Maryland

Frederick Sutherland
Duke University

Blaine Tamaki
University of Washington

Dan Villegas
Tarrant County College Foundation

Marna Whittington
University of Pittsburgh

Dale Wong
Wheaton College (IL)

John Zeiger
The Ohio State University