The Guardians InitiativeTM:
Reclaiming the Public Trust

Guardians Toolkit

College and university trustees are in a unique position to engage and advocate higher education’s value proposition in their own communities and professional circles. What can you do to join this national effort?

1. Dive Into The Material

To effectively advocate higher education, begin by educating yourself. These resources will help you learn more about topics like the ROI of a college degree and discover how other trustees have engaged with the material. Understanding the national landscape can provide data and context for any involvement you consider.

2. Speak with your President, Board Chair, or Board Professional about the initiative and brainstorm ideas together.

Have a conversation as a board about how you might engage in local or national conversations about the sector. There may be campaigns or initiatives already underway at your institution to communicate its value—how could you assist these efforts, working with campus administrators, faculty, and students to expand their reach?

3. Add your voice to discussions about higher education – in the media, in your community, and with groups that particularly need to hear the message.

Consider how you might share the value of higher education as it resonates with you—through an op-ed, a speech to a business or community group, a media interview, a podcast, or another activity of your preference. Work with your institution’s communications team to develop these messages and to find the best way to make your voice heard. As a community leader, you have valuable connections and relationships already. Consider what networks you are a part of where your voice, on behalf of higher education, would have an impact—and speak up.

4. Share your experiences with AGB.

Please send links to any op-ed pieces, public presentations, or board resolutions that we can share with trustees across the country. You can contact us at