Board Oversight of Intercollegiate Athletics

AGB is committed to fostering the governance of intercollegiate athletics programs through statements, research, best practices, and thought leadership.

While athletics can be integral to an institution, there’s growing concern that athletic accomplishments often overshadow academic achievement and detract from the essential mission of universities and colleges. Faced with demands for increased accountability, governing boards are called upon to become more attentive to the governance of athletics.

For more than 25 years, AGB has provided guidance on board oversight of intercollegiate athletics.

  • The AGB Standing Panel on Board Oversight of Intercollegiate Athletics, established in 2016, sharpens governing boards’ focuses—in conjunction with institutional leadership—on diligent and effective fiduciary oversight of athletic programs and on the welfare of student athletes. Members of the panel convene periodically to review current issues, trends, and challenges facing intercollegiate athletics and the academic enterprise, as well as judicial, legislative, and regulatory actions concerning student athletes and institutional responsibility for athletics programs.
  • AGB’s Board of Directors’ Statement on Governing Boards’ Responsibilities for Intercollegiate Athletics assists governing boards in aligning intercollegiate athletics with the mission, vision, and values of higher education.
  • AGB’s 2012 report, Trust, Accountability, and Integrity: Board Responsibilities for Intercollegiate Athletics, conveys advice regarding board oversight of institutions with NCAA Division I athletics programs.

Standing Panel on Board Oversight of Intercollegiate Athletics

John T. Casteen, III
Chair; President Emeritus
University of Virginia

Valerie B. “Val” Ackerman
Big East Conference

Kendrick F. Ashton
College of William & Mary Board of Visitors

Gene D. Block
University of California Los Angeles

Carol A. Cartwright
President Emerita
Kent State University

Thomas J. Haas
Grand Valley State University

Joanne R. Harrell
University of Washington Board of Regents
AGB Board of Directors

Richard D. Legon
Spelman College Board of Trustees

Keith E. Masser
Past Chair and Member
The Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees

James J. Phillips
Vice President for Athletics and Recreation & Athletic Director
Northwestern University

Thomas W. Ross, Sr.
President Emeritus
University of North Carolina

Michael H. Schill
The University of Oregon

Verne O. Sedlacek
Valparaiso University Board of Directors
AGB Board of Directors

John D. Walda
Former President
National Association of College and University Business Officers
Stetson University Board of Trustees 
Vice Chair
Carroll College Board of Trustees