Board and Presidential Assessments

Develop high-performance boards and leaders.

Discover where you are, where you can go, and how to get there through board and presidential assessments. AGB’s expert assessment and development services are the first step in cultivating a strategic board. Our team of experts will partner with you to help you uncover and understand the information that identifies strengths and leads to stronger working relationships, mutual trust, and dramatic performance improvements for your board, leaders, and institution.

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Questions for boards.

These are key questions for your board to consider.

Practices and Policies

  1. How mature are your shared governance practices?
  2. What changes could be made to optimize board and presidential performance?
  3. How would board members and those who work with the board describe board culture, and are there opportunities to strengthen it?

Strategy and Decision Making

  1. Is your team embodying your defined mission and strategy?
  2. How can your board and leadership ensure institutional sustainability?
  3. What role does educational quality play in board and presidential decision making?

AGB enables effective board and presidential development.

Board and presidential assessments are designed to strengthen relationships, build trust, and improve individual and organizational effectiveness. They enable boards and leaders to step back from the preoccupations of regular board business, candidly review board performance, and develop action steps to strengthen board operations, communications, and interactions. Through assessment, AGB can help boards and presidents gain:

  • A clearer understanding of roles and core responsibilities
  • Consensus on specific objectives and plans to improve board and presidential performance
  • A renewed sense of commitment to the institution’s mission and purpose
  • More productive board meetings
  • A commitment to expectations for personal philanthropy
  • Full alignment between presidents or CEOs and their boards

AGB board assessments focus on six major areas of board responsibility and activity:

Mergers and Affiliations Strategy and Transformation

Mission and Strategy


Leadership and Shared Governance

AGB Governance Briefings: Institutionally Related Foundations

Institutional Sustainability

Find Hand Graduate

Quality of Educational Experience


Board Performance

Board Assessment

Board Culture

AGB presidential assessments may include:

360-Degree Presidential Survey

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Leadership Interviews and Follow-Up Conversations

Review of Documents, Practices, and Processes

Discover where you are, where you can go, and how to get there.

Strategic leadership is crucial to the long-term success of higher education institutions in a volatile environment. Regular assessment of institutional and board leadership ensures a strong partnership between the board and CEO and enables an institution to plan with confidence despite the uncertainty.

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