Board Assessment Consulting

Assessment for your board's future.

Discover where you are, where you can go, and how to get there. AGB’s expert assessment and development services are the first step in the development of a strategic board. Our team of experts will partner with you to help you uncover and understand the information that identifies strengths and leads to stronger working relationships, mutual trust, and dramatic performance improvements for your board and institution.

Based on the board assessment, AGB Consulting delivers development sessions to help:

  • Provide a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Gain insights on improving board leadership
  • Build consensus on next steps
  • Improve governance and performance
  1. Mission and Strategy
  2. Leadership and Shared Governance
  3. Institutional Sustainability
  4. Educational Quality
  5. Board Performance
  6. Board Culture

Get started with our complimentary board assessment tools→

These self-survey tools have been curated from our full assessments, customized for your institution type, and designed so you can get meaningful insights on your own.

Discover where you are, where you can go, and how to get there.

Strategic leadership is crucial to the long-term success of higher education institutions in a volatile environment. Regular assessment of institutional and board leadership ensures a strong partnership between board and CEO and enables an institution to plan with confidence despite the uncertainty.

AGB Consulting Board & Presidential Assessment Service

AGB also facilitates comprehensive Presidential Assessments.  Learn more here.  If you’re looking for an Executive or Interim Search for new leadership, please see how our team at AGB Search can help.

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