Board Assessment

Develop high-performing boards.

Regular board assessment is fundamental to high-performing, strategic boards. The process uncovers strengths and opportunities for development. From a standardized self-assessment tool to highly customized and comprehensive engagements that provide deep insights into performance, impact, and areas for optimization, AGB Consulting provides you with the information you need for continuous improvement.

Learn how AGB Consulting supported the University of Toledo Foundation with a comprehensive board assessment that led to a new approach to meetings and helped jumpstart board engagement with the university strategic plan.

Questions for boards.

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Practices and Policies

  1. How mature are your shared governance practices?
  2. What changes could be made to optimize board performance?
  3. How would board members and those who work with the board describe board culture, and are there opportunities to strengthen it?

Strategy and Decision-Making

  1. Is your team embodying your defined mission and strategy?
  2. How can your board and leadership ensure institutional sustainability?
  3. What role does educational quality play in board decision-making?

AGB enables effective board development.

Board assessments are designed to strengthen relationships, build trust, and improve individual and organizational effectiveness. They enable boards and leaders to step back from the preoccupations of regular board business, candidly review board performance, and develop action steps to strengthen board operations, communications, and interactions.

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