Diagnostic Reviews of Bylaws, Charters, and Documents

Support effective board performance.

Institutional charters, articles of incorporation, bylaws, committee charters, faculty handbooks, regulations, policies, governance guides, and other documents are vital working tools for governing boards. But like all tools, they can make tasks either easier or harder, depending on how well-fitted they are to the job. Whether institutions and foundations are old or new, they are certain to encounter challenges their founders never anticipated. In such situations, boards may find themselves hamstrung by outmoded mandates or gaps where governance documents fail to provide much-needed guidance. It’s essential to ensure that governance documents are fully current, relevant, and usable.

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Questions for boards.

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  1. Do we have all the governance documents we need?
  2. Are the governance documents we have up to date and appropriate for our current circumstances?
  3. What do our stakeholders think about the relevance and usability of our governance documents?
  4. Will our documents help us achieve or maintain accreditation?
  5. Do our documents define clear and appropriate accountability?


  1. Do our governance documents align with our strategy and business model?
  2. How have similar institutions or foundations updated their governance documents?
  3. Do our governance documents define efficient, productive processes?
  4. Do our procedures and policies support our goals for justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion?


  1. How hard is it to update our governance documents as things change?
  2. Are we protected against spurious revisions and overly reactive changes?

AGB helps you ensure relevance and utility.

During a diagnostic engagement, our experts use a proven process to understand, evaluate, and enhance your processes and documents:

Examine Documents


Benchmark against Leading Practices 


Identify Improvements

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Engage Stakeholders

Understand Use Cases


Make and Implement Recommendations

“AGB advisors have been instrumental to our growth and success as a foundation. We had AGB look at our materials to give us a health check to reaffirm what we achieved and what we were going to do next to build the best board that we could.”

Greg Willems

President and CEO, Kansas State University Foundation

Steward institution or foundation assets and resources as effectively as possible.

AGB Consulting provides boards and presidents with a diagnostic review of the key documents that define and guide their governance procedures. Our experts will help you determine whether your governance documents align with your current circumstances, support effective board performance, and are accessible, understandable, and usable.

AGB Consulting services - Diagnostic Reviews of Bylaws, Charters, and Documents

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