Anthony Barbar, AGB


Anthony Barbar is president and CEO of Barbar & Associates, a strategic advisory firm specializing in real estate, public-private partnerships, and business development. With over 40 years of experience serving South Florida’s real estate market, he is noted for exceptional ability to analyze, evaluate, and develop strategic plans that accomplish diverse objectives of many stakeholders.

Barbar has spearheaded the acquisition, planning, designing, financing, development, and sales of several large commercial mixed-use projects and upscale residential communities in the region. This background, combined with his work in public-private partnerships and strategic acquisitions, makes him a highly sought-after real estate consultant.

Barbar’s current role includes managing the corporate real estate needs for more than a dozen major employers, providing real estate investment planning for entrepreneurs of emerging companies, and consulting with a distinguished group of public and private clients located in the United States and overseas. Because of his ability to ease communications and eliminate complexity throughout the real estate transaction process, he frequently is tapped by community leaders to advise on development projects and is known for easing communications and eliminating complexity throughout the real estate transaction process. Under his leadership, the commitment of Barbar & Associates and its family heritage continues to be rooted in quality service and community support.

Barbar is the chair emeritus of Florida Atlantic University’s Board of Trustees and served as the executive chairman of the Boca Raton Bowl Committee.