Board Professional Certificate ProgramTM

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For whom is this certificate designed?

The course is designed for board professionals of AGB member institutions. Please watch the short video on this page to learn more.

I’d like my assistant also to enroll. Is this possible?

The course is designed for those who are involved in the work of supporting the president and board of trustees. Please contact AGB for more information at

Can a board member or chief executive enroll in the program?

The program is designed for board professionals—the professionals who support the president or CEO of the institution and the board of trustees. Board members and chief executives are encouraged to register for Board Member Orientation. This course serves as a virtual orientation on governance and is recommended for all trustees.

Are there specific times and dates the course will be offered?

The first three lessons of the program will be available July 1, 2022. The course is self-paced, and you can start and complete it based on your schedule and processing of resources. There are no time limits for the lessons or for completion of the program.

Do I have to finish an entire lesson within a certain limit of time to receive the certificate once I begin it?

No. You will be able to stop a lesson and pick back up where you left off. You determine the pace you will go through the program.

How much time will be involved in completing the course?

We anticipate that each lesson will take 60 to 75 minutes, not including assignments or resource reading.

If I have questions, what kind of support services are available?

The membership experience team at AGB stands ready to assist you with any questions regarding the program or content. We can be reached at

Technical questions associated with the program can be directed to

Will the full course be online?

Yes, the full course will be online. However, optional in-person convenings will be available for individuals enrolled in the program when they attend AGB events.

Will there be any opportunity for interaction with other board professionals who are enrolled in the course?

Yes, there will be opportunities to engage with other participants and facilitators.

Does the application process automatically enroll me in the program?

No. The application process verifies that you qualify for the program. After reviewing your application, AGB will contact you within 48 hours with information regarding enrollment or a request for a conversation for clarification, with possible suggestions.

Can I receive continuing education unit (CEU) credits for completing the program?

No. Continuing education units are not available for this program.

Do I need approval from my supervisor to enroll?

No. AGB does not require approval from your supervisor. However, we believe it would be beneficial to let your supervisor know about your enrollment since some of the lessons require a conversation with your board chair or president.

What is the cost of program?

The program is AGB member-exclusive and is complimentary.

How can I leverage this course to help my professional advancement?

Complete all the assignments outlined in the program. The course is designed to include information that can be used throughout your career. Many of the assignments will ask you to have conversations with colleagues, the president, and trustees. Your involvement in the program will show that you are serious about advancing your career.

How will the program help me to support leadership and the board of my higher education institution or foundation?

The program has been designed by successful board professionals for board professionals. Each lesson provides the key to becoming a more supportive and strategic board professional.

How will the program assist me in becoming more engaged with the network of other board professionals?

Peer-to-peer sessions will be arranged for you to have intentional networking with other board professionals. To connect with other board professionals, we encourage you to register for the BP Community, consider joining the Board Professionals Leadership Group, and participate in live in-person opportunities at the Board Professionals Conference.

If I have less than three years of experience as a board professional, can I still benefit from enrolling in the program?

Yes, you can still benefit from the program. We recommend reading The Role of the Board Professional by Charlene K. Reed to provide a foundation that will help you be successful in completing the program.

Should I wait to participate in the program if I have less than three years of experience?

That is a personal decision. It depends on your level of comfort and willingness to put in the time in building a foundation for the program.

Is there any preparatory work that I can do before taking the course?

Yes, this will be shared in the response to your application.

Are there plans for rolling out future lessons in the program?

There are 10 lessons designed for this program. It is possible that we will add future lessons.

Is there someone I can contact if I have questions about the program?

You can contact or for a direct contact, Audrey Young, senior director, membership experience, at