Board Professional Basics

Upcoming Webinar
October 5, 2:00–3:00 PM ET

Are you a new or inexperienced board professional (BP) and want to learn about basic processes and tools of the trade used by BPs? As BPs gain knowledge on a wide array of topics they develop their BP basics toolkit. Some examples include developing meeting agendas, documenting minutes, orchestrating event logistics, managing online board portals, and onboarding new board chairs and members.

The AGB BP Leadership Group (BPLG) invites you to join an interactive conversation with BP panelists as they present the foundational “BP Basics” topics you want covered. You will be prompted to submit a topic you want addressed during the webinar as part of the webinar registration process.


Elizabeth Kassebaum, executive secretary to the board of trustees and vice president for college projects, College of Charleston, South Carolina
Matthew Paskin, executive assistant to the president and board coordinator, University of Alaska Foundation, Alaska
Sheila Severson, executive assistant to the president and administrator for the board of trustees operations, Viterbo University, Wisconsin

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