Board Professional (BP) Basics—The Conversation Continues

Upcoming Webinar
December 7, 1:00–2:00 PM ET

You asked and we heard. Join us and continue the interactive conversation with fellow BP panelists about foundational “BP Basics” topics you want AGB to cover. Are you a new or inexperienced BP and want to learn about basic processes and tools of the trade used by BPs? Gain knowledge on a wide array of topics for your BP toolkit. Some examples of new topics to be discussed are documentation of meeting minutes, the board professional-board chair-president relationship, online board management portals, and hybrid and virtual events.

The AGB BP Leadership Group (BPLG) invites you to join our second in a series of BP professional development webinars. This webinar is a follow-on from our October 5, 2023, discussion on BP Basics. You can access that webinar recording at AGB Webinars on Demand.


Matthew Paskin, executive assistant to the president and board coordinator, University of Alaska Foundation



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