Decoding the Motivations and Strategies of High-Capacity Philanthropists

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January 16, 1:00–2:00 PM ET

With the number of Americans giving to charity on the decline overall, many nonprofits increasingly rely on a smaller and more affluent circle of supporters to meet their fundraising goals. The importance and influence of these high-capacity donors only continues to increase. The new Bank of America Study of Philanthropy—the ninth in the series of reports on giving by wealthy households in the United States—illuminates many expressions of generosity by affluent Americans. The series, which began in 2006, offers practical insights into distinct donor demographics, including the rising generation (millennials and Generation Z), women, LGBTQ+, and ethnically diverse donors. Bank of America’s presentation will explore what motivates affluent donors to give and stop giving and which organizations affluent Americans currently support. These insights can help build the confidence and increase the success of nonprofit staff and board members when seeking the support of high-capacity donors, with the goal of securing transformational gifts to advance the nonprofit’s mission. Individual and family philanthropists also will gain a better understanding of emerging national trends and best practices in giving.

Key learnings will include:

  • What the recent trends are in giving and volunteering among America’s affluent households, with a focus on distinct donor demographics such as women and the rising generation
  • Which organizations and causes affluent donors support and why
  • How affluent Americans leverage sustainable investment strategies and assess the impact of their giving
  • How the economy and other forces may drive donor behaviors and community impact throughout 2023 and beyond


Wiliam F. Jarvis, managing director, philanthropic executive, Bank of America

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