Gaining an Edge for Education: An Introduction to AI in Advancement

Upcoming Webinar
October 17, 1:00–2:00 PM ET

This session is ideal for strategic thinkers who are curious about the role artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will play in advancement today and in the years to come. Presenters will provide real-world examples of how this technology unlocks new approaches to solving problems that previously were solved manually, and how it enables higher education organizations to predict and plan for the future.

Attendees will learn about an approach that has been effective for many advancement shops, including why data collection and a thriving data ecosystem play an important role in the future of higher education organizations.

This webinar serves as a precursor to AGB’s 2024 Foundation Leadership Forum concurrent session “Unlocking Opportunities with AI: Futureproofing with Modern Data Systems,” providing a sneak peek into the topics that the main event will explore in more depth. Whether you’re an advancement leader, board member, or innovator looking to stay ahead in this data-centric world, this webinar has something for everyone.


Mark Hobbs, CEO, Fundmetric
Rachel Crosbie, vice president of operations and strategy, Fundmetric
Mark Koenig, chief innovation officer, Oregon State University Foundation
Scott Emery, senior Director of Automation and Change Management, Oregon State University Foundation

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