Membership Navigator – August 2022

Upcoming Webinar
Board Professional Membership Navigator
August 4, 12:00–1:00 PM ET

AGB’s Board Professional Membership Navigator, provided quarterly, curates new AGB resources to help your board manage challenges and topics likely to be on your board agenda. It will also help you learn how to get the most out of your AGB membership. After the webinar, attendees will receive the presentation so they can share it with their board members to promote alignment around important topics and the board’s roles and responsibilities.

Join AGB staff and Lynnette Heard, AGB senior consultant and ambassador to the Council of Board Professionals, as they discuss the new AGB membership benefits for FY23: AGB Board Professional Certificate Program, new publications, Personalized Home Page on, One-Hour Governance Consultations, customized membership benefits overview, and the Board Self-Assessment Tool. All these benefits are member-exclusive and complimentary. We will explain how AGB has designed the new benefits to support your board in successfully meeting the governance-related challenges ahead.


  • Board Professional Certificate Program – Lynnette Heard, senior fellow, senior consultant, and ambassador to the Council of Board Professionals
  • One-Hour Governance Consultation – Jimmy Lee, director, Consulting
  • Personalized Home Page – Megann Clarke, director, Web and Digital Strategies
  • New Publications – Doug Goldenberg-Hart, director, AGB Publications
  • Customized Membership Benefits Overview – Maureen Ndoto, manager, Member Engagement
  • Board Self-Assessment Service – Audrey Young, senior director, Membership Experience

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