Understanding and Supporting Adult Learners: Strategies for Success

Upcoming Webinar
October 19, 1:00–2:00 PM ET

The number of adult learners enrolling in colleges and universities for degrees, continuing education, or certifications is increasing rapidly. It is critical for higher ed institutions to adapt to these learners’ unique needs to ensure their success. Adult learners often juggle multiple responsibilities such as work, family, and financial obligations, making it challenging to balance academic pursuits. This webinar aims to highlight the specific challenges adult learners face and will include a discussion of specific strategies that higher ed institutions can implement to support them.

Discussion topics will include school/work/life balance, strategic content development, and ways to incorporate new technology and artificial intelligence (AI) into curricula. The webinar will be particularly relevant to boards of directors, trustees, and college presidents who are responsible for setting policies and priorities that impact the success of adult learners. By understanding the needs of this growing demographic and implementing strategies to support the success of these students, colleges and universities can better serve their communities and fulfill their mission of promoting lifelong learning.


Alicia Battle, director of teaching health center, Access Health Louisiana and full-time faculty at Howard University
Jake Henson, director of learning experience design, Six Red Marbles
Susan Simpfenderfer, vice president of client partnerships, Six Red Marbles

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