Using Endowment to Address Secular Challenges Facing Higher Education Today

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January 18, 1:00–2:00 PM ET

One could argue that we are currently experiencing one of the most significant periods of change affecting higher education in the past 50 years. While we are emerging from the existential threat posed by the pandemic, potentially more consequential secular changes are already in motion. First, it looks as if the 40-year period of steadily declining interest rates and tame inflation that boosted endowed portfolios has come to an end, spelling real challenges in the years to come. Simultaneously, higher ed operations are feeling the negative effects of demographics, rapidly changing constituent behavior, and ever-increasing costs due to higher inflation. In this webinar, Commonfund experts will delve into the implications of these momentous changes, both financially and operationally, focusing on where they see potential solutions and the role of the endowment in how organizations can strategically address the challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the role—and the potential—of the endowment to help mitigate challenges facing higher ed institutions today.
  • Learn which levers and strategies can potentially boost returns in a period of lower expected returns in the macroeconomic environment.
  • Learn how to use your investment and spending policies as a strategic tool to provide consistent support to the college or university.


Anita Hariton, managing director, head of client engagement, Commonfund OCIO
Anthony Peretore, CFA, CAIA, managing director, Commonfund OCIO

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