Volatile Markets Affect Your Institution: How to Tackle the Challenges

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September 20 1:00–2:00 PM ET

Colleges, universities, and affiliated foundations, like other organizations, are impacted by high inflation, rising rates from the Fed, market volatility, and the potential for a recession. Successfully tackling these challenges lies in understanding specifically how colleges, universities, and affiliated foundations are affected by these events.

Join our webinar as we discuss:

  • How inflation impacts spending policy and return targets (real vs. nominal returns)
  • Volatility and rebalancing ranges: guidelines for long-term asset allocation and policy benchmarks
  • What’s happening in the markets and the outlook for the remainder of the year (with a focus on U.S. and international equity markets, including crypto and private markets)
  • How volatility across specific asset classes, sectors, and industries will present both opportunities and challenges
  • Roles and responsibilities and what you don’t want to worry about in volatile markets


Samantha Foster, managing director, non-profit solutions, Russell Investments


Eric Ristuben, chief investment strategist, Russell Investments
Douglas MacBean, managing director, public and alternative securities, CalTech Investment Office

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