Governance Briefings

An in-depth look into key issues.

AGB Governance Briefings deliver a constant flow of insights that help you understand what’s currently at stake and learn which questions to ask. Each briefing centers on a key topic with a curated collection of multimedia assets that get you quickly up to speed on what you need to know. Access one for a quick introduction. Or access each topic to drill down into the details. Governance Briefings are added quarterly and keep you in touch with what’s important to you, your board, and your institution.

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Resources to help your board, and your institution to preserve mission and support institutional sustainability.


Resources to help higher education leaders and boards to preserve and advance the mission of the institution in the face of disruptive changes.

Mergers and Affiliations Strategy and Transformation

Resources to help the chair collaborate
with the institution and lead the board

AGB Governance Briefings: Institutionally Related Foundations

Resources to help define the roles of
the institution and the foundation


Resources to help the board ensure
athletics create value, not risk